Fearless Student Devotional

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Fearless explores what it looks like to be encircled by the lavish love of our heavenly Father, empowered by His Spirit, enlisted into a life of love and emboldened to fearlessly live for Him and share His message of grace! 

These 28 days of daily devotions in the book of Ephesians are designed to help teenagers grow in their understanding of God’s love, and help them unpack how they might unleash that love in their own world. The Fearless devotional focuses on selected passages that explore the following four themes:

  1. Embraced…Encircled by God’s Fierce, Deep, Lavish Love
  2. Empowered…Equipped by the Spirit with a Glorious Inner Strength
  3. Engaged…Living a Life of Love
  4. Emboldened…Fearlessly Stand and Be Counted 

Here’s how each devo reading is structured:

Ephesians – Lays out the Bible passage for the day.

Explore – Unpacks the passage and makes it relevant to real life using illustrations and word pictures.

Encounter – Helps teenagers personalize the truths found in the passage to their own life.

Engage – Presents a concrete, personal application that challenges teens to live out what they’ve just learned.

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