Gospelize Your Youth Ministry E-Book


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Gospelize Your Youth Ministry E-Book

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By Greg Stier
Foreword by Doug Fields

Put some “kick” in your youth ministry!

The strong and spicy heat of the gospel is the secret to effective and exciting ministry—just look at the early church! 

Gospel advancement was at the heart of the early believers’ discipleship, and the book of Acts gives us a vibrant picture of God’s plan to use us to build His kingdom.

Greg Stier unpacks the model found in the book of Acts, unveiling the key ingredients present within the early Church, and shows how you can blend them together today to create a gospelized youth ministry that results in dynamic kingdom growth.

So if you are looking to spice up your ministry…gospelize it! Discover the joy, excitement and transformation you’ve been longing to see—and that Jesus promised!

But beware, once you get a taste, nothing else will satisfy.



Trust me, this book will refresh you, encourage you, and re-focus you on the original Jesus mission that got you into ministry. In addition, it will help you develop a plan of action that will transform the way you view and do youth ministry for the rest of your life. As you learn more about evangelism, I encourage you to think deeply about how evangelism connects with the other biblical purposes—it can deepen your discipleship efforts, ignite your ministry opportunities, and enhance your fellowship. Apply these ideas with love, humility and consistency and you’ll find yourself and your teenagers engaging more fully in worship. God’s purposes are waiting to be lived-out in you and the youth ministry He has entrusted to you.

Doug Fields
Youth Pastor of 30+ years
Author of 50+ books

“Greg Stier takes his infectious heart and razor-sharp mind and pours it into Gospelize Your Youth Ministry in a way that is both inspiring and practical. He makes it clear that evangelism is not simply a programmatic option among many for youth ministry, but is rather the core reason and outcome of a healthy ministry. This book provides the foundation, the plan and the structure to ensure that the book of Acts lives on in and through your ministry.”
Chap Clark, PhD
Professor of Youth, Family, and Culture, Fuller Theological Seminary

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