Youth Ministry in the 21st Century


Youth Ministry in the 21st Century: Five Views

Edited by Chap Clark
Contributing Authors: Greg Stier, Fernando Arzola Jr., Ron Hunter Jr., Brian Cosby and Chap Clark

There are many philosophies and strategies that drive youth ministry today. To most people, they are variations on a single goal: to make faithful disciples of young people. However, digging deeper into various programs, books and concepts reveals substantive differences among the approaches. In this multiview work, a diverse group of leaders present five major views on youth ministry.

Greg Stier presents the Gospel Advancing Ministry Model.
Fernando Arzola presents the Ecclesial Model of Youth Ministry.
Ron Hunter presents the Family Focused Youth Ministry Model.
Brian Cosby presents the Reformed Youth Ministry Model.
Chap Clark presents the Adoption Model of Youth Ministry.

Using critical insight, thoughtful assessment and respectful dialogue, this book helps readers explore these five varying approaches to youth ministry, and challenges them to wrestle through and develop their own distinctive approach.

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