D2SL TX-Nassau Bay Baptist Church



Avg Church Attendance (Weekly)

Tier 1

Less than 200

Tier 2

200 - 749

Tier 3

750 or more

Tier 4

Family of 5

Purchase a Church Kit

This year, we're aiming to make Dare 2 Share LIVE FREE for students everywhere. Instead of selling individual tickets, we're asking churches to invest in a Church Kit based on their average overall church size and then bring as many students as they can.

Each Church Kit includes:

  • An unlimited number of tickets (wristbands) for students and leaders from that church. (NOTE: your Church Kit will include an amount to start you out, but we will send more upon request)
  • Pre and Post-event training and curriculum (18 weeks total).
  • Promotional materials.
  • Dare 2 Share LIVE gear like t-shirts and bracelets.

To purchase a Church Kit, simply choose a “Tier” based on the average size of your church (not youth group).


Join a nationwide movement of teen-led gospel conversations on October 12, 2019. This one-day evangelism training event equips teens nationwide to pray, serve others, and share their faith—all at the exact same time. The event is broadcast live from Denver, CO to locations across America, and students get the chance to serve and share the gospel in their local communities. It’s a teen-led, nationwide movement of gospel conversations, and it is a powerful! Don’t miss this opportunity to train and challenge your students to share the love of Jesus at Dare 2 Share LIVE.


About This Satellite Site

Join us at Dare 2 Share LIVE this year at Nassau Bay Baptist in Houston and be a part of a powerful a gospel movement in your community!

Find more information on Dare 2 Share LIVE here or call 1-866-448-0272 to speak with a Dare 2 Share representative.

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