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The Back to the Basics [e]POD pack contains lessons by Greg Stier designed to pull your teens back to the basics by addressing 3 foundational topics every teen should be grounded in as they share their faith. Titles in this bundled product include Trusting Jesus, Blind Faith? and God’s Word. Plunge your teens into theological, spiritual, and cultural discussions and equip them to not only form biblical opinions, but to also explain them to their friends.

Lesson 1: Blind Faith?

Is the Christian faith a blind faith or a reasoned faith?

This stand-alone, video-based resource taps into real conversations with young people from different spiritual backgrounds – a Buddhist, Muslim, Jew, Seventh Day Adventist, New Ager, Mormon and evangelical Christian – as they delve into the topic of faith and reasoning.

While the existence of God cannot be proved or disproved, there are observable phenomena in the world around us that can help students reach a reasoned conclusion about whether or not to believe in the God of the Bible. This lesson will help your students explore some of the evidences for God found around us and within us. Teens will role play how to share these evidences with their friends.

Lesson 2: God's Word

Is the Bible just a bunch of myths or is it truly the inspired Word of God?

Relational, relevant and interactive, this stand-alone, discussion-driven resource will help youth leaders equip their students to share their faith. Watch youth ministry expert Greg Stier discuss the Bible's claim to be inspired by God with young people from a wide range of world views – a Buddhist, Muslim, Jew, Seventh Day Adventist, New Ager, Mormon and evangelical Christian. Then launch your students into their own discussion, using the fully developed group curriculum.

Explore some of the internal and external evidences for the inspiration of Scripture, including archeology, prophecy, science and the continuity of the Biblical story across centuries of writers. This lesson will challenge teens to take the Bible seriously and share its message with their friends who don’t know Jesus.

Lesson 3: Trusting Jesus

What is “trusting Jesus” really all about? Many teens call themselves Christians because they were born into a Christian family, not because they’ve made a conscious choice to trust in Jesus.

Listen in as youth ministry expert Greg Stier discusses “trusting Jesus” with young people from a wide range of spiritual beliefs – a Buddhist, Muslim, Jew, Seventh Day Adventist, New Ager, Mormon and evangelical Christian.

This stand-alone, video-based resource digs deeply into what “trusting” really entails. The fully developed, discussion-driven curriculum will help your teens understand authentic Christian belief and will help them explore the promises in God’s Word regarding what happens when someone puts their trust in Jesus. Teens will learn about their position in Christ and be challenged to share this amazing Good News with their friends.


 Each [e]PODS lesson includes a 7-10 minute video and a discussion-driven group curriculum with:

  • An icebreaker activity
  • ALT-ernative Discussion Questions
  • Music/Media Option

These lessons will:

  • Challenge your teens to understand their own beliefs
  • Motivate and train your teens for outreach

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