Gospelize Your Team Video DVD


Gospelize Your Team Video

Infuse the spicy heat of the gospel into your youth leadership team!

Drawing from the timeless truths and values in the Book of Acts, Dare 2 Share’s Greg Stier dishes up 12 high-quality episodes of leadership development training in the Gospelize Your Team video series .

Each 10-15 minute episode unpacks insightful, practical ministry action steps that will mobilize your leadership team for transformational Gospel Advancing Youth Ministry. Greg’s humorous—yet impactful—teaching style will resonate with your leaders and get your whole team onboard for Gospel Advancing kingdom impact.  

To Gospelize your team in a year, watch and discuss one episode per month with your leaders. 

Episodes Titles:

  1. Don’t Just Stand There…Gospelize!
  2. The Last Lost Chapter of Acts
  3. Mexican Food and Youth Ministry
  4. Pray First
  5. Start in Your Circle
  6. Follow the Leader
  7. Go Exponential
  8. Conquering Your “14er”
  9. Counting What Really Counts
  10. Program Your Priorities
  11. Beware the Party Poopers!
  12. Apostolic Resolve

Want more from Dare 2 Share’s Gospelize series? Purchase the entire Gospelize Your Team training pack which includes six copies of the Gospelize Your Youth Ministry book plus other bonus materials.

Experience the joy, excitement and transformation that Jesus promised by Gospelizing Your Team today!

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