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Live It Up! 30 Day Challenge
Student Devotional

by Greg Stier

Living life to the full! Experiencing a joy-filled, all-in, God-breathed life lived on the edge! Risking everything to know Him and make Him known! This is what it really means to LIVE IT UP! Because only in living this kind of upwardly-focused life can true joy be found.

Based on snapshots from the life of Christ, this 30 day devo will give students 30 real life challenges to help them cultivate a LIVE IT UP lifestyle that impacts their world for Jesus!

They’ll discover how to live a life that is upwardly focused on the Father, inwardly fueled by the Spirit and outwardly inviting others to the only party that matters—the one being thrown by Jesus Himself!

These 30 days of daily devotions from the life of Christ are designed to take teenagers deeper with Jesus each day, and propel them wider into the world with His message of grace and hope.


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