Reverse...Live Differently


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4 Week Curriculum with 10 Student Devotional Books

Daniel lived for God in a world that pushed, prodded and penalized him for his faith in the one, true God. Yet he chose to live in “reverse”—totally differently from the world around him. This kind of God-focused, different way of living is deep, intense, exciting, risky and immensely satisfying, because it keeps us in tune with the way God designed us to live, in relationship with Him. Knowing Him and making Him known.

Our teenagers can learn a lot from Daniel about how to live for God, no matter what comes their way. And that’s what this four-week youth group curriculum and its companion 21-day student devotional are designed to do!

Reverse…Live Differently will:

  • Inspire your students to live with a God-focus in a me-focused world.
  • Challenge them to trust God and live courageously, despite the trials and troubles they face.
  • Help them stand against the idols of our day.
  • Challenge them to pursue excellence and live with integrity.
  • Motivate and equip them to share the gospel with their friends.

Curriculum comes with 10 pack of Reverse…Live Differently student devotionals. Individual devotionals sold separately.

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