The Skinny on Outreach


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By Greg Stier with Theresa Mazza

Help your students become life-changing ambassadors for Jesus’ message of grace and hope. And join Jesus in the quest for the unreached teenagers in your community!

The Skinny on Outreach is Greg Stier’s contribution to Group Publishing’s six book series about some of the biggest topics in youth ministry.

In the context of youth ministry, outreach involves looking beyond yourself and equipping teenagers to do the same. It’s about a commitment to encouraging and equipping teenagers to engage in a lifestyle of sharing the world-altering message of Jesus.

Jesus commands us to reach out, compassion compels us to reach out, and true discipleship calls us to reach out. The Skinny on Outreach delivers specific, tangible ideas for building a youth ministry where teenagers discover how every area of life offers ongoing opportunities for relational evangelism.


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