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Looking for just the right curriculum to use next with your youth group or small group? Use the You're Next Leader's Guide and you will see tangible evidence of God’s Truth colliding with the lives of those in your group.

Greg Stier communicates the core truths of the Christian faith using real-life, outrageous stories from his crazy younger years. You're Next will help teens see how God's love and truth can transform their lives too!

The You're Next Leader's Guide and You’re Next books will help youth leaders walk step-by-step through 30 core truths of Christianity in 30 weeks. Each chapter focuses on a Big Q - a key question involving one of 30 core truths of the Christian faith. Each session breaks down into six sections:

  • The Big Picture – an overview of what the session will accomplish in your group.
  • Warm Up – an icebreaker activity or discussion topic.
  • Remix – a brief review of the You’re Next chapter.
  • Going Deeper – a Bible study on a key passage.
  • Collision – an exploration of how the truth of theology and the realities of life collide, using real-life application activities.
  • Our Common Credo – a summary statement developed by the group that captures the core truth of the chapter.

Who’s next in line for experiencing God’s transforming power? You and your group!

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