The Conversation That Matters Most


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Each day teenagers have the great privilege of being in community with hundreds of people in their schools. Conversations about news, politics, sex, sports, fashion and life fill classroom hallways and cafeterias. While conversations are healthy and important for developing relationships, there is a conversation that Christian teens can oftentimes miss—the conversation about the gospel.

In our live-and-let-live culture, where the belief that “all paths lead to God” is widely accepted, it’s increasingly easy for Christian students to be apathetic about sharing the gospel. The Conversation That Matters Most is a gospel urgency lesson that helps students grow in their understanding of why it’s important to share their faith. Inside the digital download is a full lesson geared toward gospel urgency with thought-provoking discussion questions and a powerful video that highlights the need for having the conversation that matters most. 

Help your students have The Conversation That Matters Most.

What’s included in the digital download?

  1. The Conversation That Matters Most Leader’s Discussion Guide
  2. The Conversation That Matters Most Video (HD Video)

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