What Does the Bible Say About Hell? – Digital Curriculum

Product Description

Hell is a tough topic to tackle, but Jesus talked about it plenty. So what did He say? This two-session youth curriculum helps students understand, on a deeper level, what the Bible tells us about the realities of eternity. Through interactive stations, prayer experiences, a dramatic video, and discussion questions, students learn to discern biblical truths about Hell and hear the Good News of how to escape it.

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How can you help students understand how important the realities of eternity are to them today?

What can you do to make Hell understandable to teens and not just scary?

In two, 60-minute sessions, this youth curriculum gives you tools to powerfully and effectively answer those questions. Using methods such as insightful teaching, interactive stations, discussion questions, and a heart-gripping, dramatic video of a student dreaming about the possibility of her friend in Hell, students will face and discover that God’s justice is real and important and that He offers the gift of Heaven to all who trust in Jesus.

Session One includes:

  • a 20-minute teaching time.
  • a Gospel presentation and invitation.
  • a PowerPoint presentation to accompany the teaching.
  • interactive stations, with instructions and handouts.

Session Two includes:

  • a 10-minute teaching time.
  • a PowerPoint presentation to accompany the teaching.
  • a 20-minute video, including a drama, a teaching time, and a Gospel presentation and invitation.
  • discussion questions.
  • printable Gospel cards that can help students share the Good News.

This student curriculum is suitable for large and small groups, Sunday school classes, or retreats.

Your What Does the Bible Say About Hell? download folder includes:

  • A leaders’ guide that contains:
    • a teaching script.
    • a preparation guide, instruction sheets, and handouts for interactive sessions.
    • a link to the Session Two video.
    • discussion questions.
    • printable G.O.S.P.E.L. cards.
  • two PowerPoint presentations to accompany the teaching.