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Jesus said, “As the Father has sent me, so I am sending you.” John 20:21

Throughout His public life and ministry, Jesus lived out a continuous pattern of “Prayer, Care and Share” in His interactions with those He was trying to reach. He often went off to be alone and spend time in Prayer. His Care for the needs of those He encountered—helping and healing their physical, emotional and relational needs—fill the Gospels. His Prayer and Care for people laid a foundation that helped them open up so that He could more effectively Share His message. At Dare 2 Share, we refer to this “Prayer, Care, Share” approach as “The Cause Circle.”

Using Luke 5:15-26, Full Circle unpacks “The Cause Circle” and motivates and mobilizes students to be more intentional about sharing their faith in their circles of influence. Across the four lessons, Full Circle explores insights and practical tools to help your students incorporate Jesus’ “Prayer, Care, Share” approach into their own lives.

FULL CIRCLE Download Curriculum Includes

  • 4-Week Leader’s Guide in PDF format
  • Videos
    • Full Circle
    • A 4 Minute Crash Course in Sharing Your Faith
    • Bonus Training Video: Life in 6 Words Mobile App Tutorial
  • 13 Screen Graphics

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