Youth Group 2 Go: How to Read Your Compass


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THEOLOGICAL QUESTION:  Why should I study the Bible, and how do I do it?


The Bible’s truth exposes the spiritual realities of our own hearts and of the world around us. Being immersed in God’s Word and seeking His glory lights up our life so we can live wisely and share the light with others.

CATEGORY: Questions about God’s Word

Each Youth Group 2 Go lesson helps your teenagers understand, live and share their faith!

These single session downloadable youth group curricula are designed to be stand-alone topical studies you can easily grab and go with. Pick and choose the topics that address your group’s specific needs from one of the following four categories:

  1. Questions about God
  2. Questions about my relationship with God
  3. Questions about God’s Word
  4. Questions about sharing the gospel
Youth Group 2 Go’s  fully-built out lessons include an evangelism tie-in to help you keep a Gospel Advancing focus in your ministry. Each lesson’s practical application will help your students be doers of the Word and not hearers only!

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