Before – Then – After — Digital Curriculum

Product Description

Sad but true: Many Christian teens don’t know how to share their salvation testimony in a way that glorifies Jesus. Some don’t even realize they have a testimony! In just one lesson, the Before – Then – After curriculum first helps your students understand that every Christian has a salvation story worth telling and then teaches them how to articulate theirs, using Mary Magdalene and Matthew as examples. The session starts with a teaching time and ends with a workshop, during which your students (and leaders) can write out a 60-second testimony and practice sharing it.

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How can we help students understand the importance and impact of their personal testimony?

How can we help them craft and share their story in a way that points people to salvation through Jesus?

This one-week curriculum highlights two different people from the Bible—Mary Magdalene and Matthew—telling how God changed their lives when they encountered Jesus and helping students see similarities in their own stories.

The session is designed for 60 minutes and includes:

  • a lesson on how to develop a concise testimony.
  • a worksheet for students to write out their testimony.
  • a Gospel presentation and invitation.

This student curriculum is suitable for large and small groups, one-on-one meetings, Sunday school classes, or retreats. It’s also an ideal way to prep your students for summer mission trips.

Your Before – Then – After download folder includes a leaders’ guide, which contains:

  • a teaching outline using Mary Magdalene and Matthew as examples.
  • discussion opportunities.
  • a Gospel presentation.
  • a worksheet to develop a testimony.
  • a challenge for students to make a 60-second video testimony.