Dare 2 Share LIVE 2023 License (1 per group)

Product Description

Dare 2 Share LIVE, a global day of youth evangelism, coming November 11, 2023. 

Youth ministries around the world are uniting on one day for the purpose of activating young people to share their faith.

Teens desperately need the hope of Christ, and their peers are the best possible messengers of that hope. Imagine what could happen in our communities if every teen, everywhere, heard the Gospel from a friend. On November 11th, youth ministries around the world are uniting for Dare 2 Share LIVE, a global day of youth evangelism, to activate young people to reach their world with the message of Jesus. This high-energy training you can do in your own community ignites your teens’ hearts for the lost, equips them with a clear Gospel message, and activates them to step out to serve and share. You can find more information about Dare 2 Share LIVE here.

You only need one license per group.

NOTE: It is the intent of Dare 2 Share for attendees to have the highest level of experience at “Dare 2 Share LIVE.” Attending the event with a network of other churches is recommended. This is not intended for individuals, but for youth groups or networks.

This agreement is the first step in registering your youth group/organization to participate in Dare 2 Share LIVE. By purchasing this license, you agree to all of these terms.


This AGREEMENT establishes the commitment, expectations, and agreement between the Church/Organization (LIVE Participant) and Dare 2 Share Ministries Inc. (D2S).

1) D2S will provide a high-quality videos of the entire event.

2) REQUIRED ELEMENTS: LIVE Participant agrees to provide an Outreach Experience opportunity for attendees, so that they will be able to engage in Gospel conversations. Additionally, the LIVE Participant agrees to provide one main point of contact who will act as the “Emcee” for the event and host the attendees in the room during designated segments. If the LIVE Participant is working with other participants, they are encouraged to collaborate to accomplish requirements.

3) FEES and REGISTRATION: Thanks to the generosity of D2S financial partners, no LIVE Participants will be charged a fee for the license in 2023. All D2S Participants should still register regardless of if they host a site or attend elsewhere to receive all necessary Participant information.

LIVE Participant agrees not to have any financial registration requirements for attendees or sell registration. Please email D2SLive@dare2share.org for more information.

4) LIABILITY: The LIVE Participant acknowledges that D2S will provide video based content, promotional materials, curriculum and similar digital materials. D2S representatives will not be physically present at the LIVE Participant's site. LIVE Participant assumes liability for attendees at their location. Adequate liability insurance and attendee waivers are recommended and are not provided by D2S.

5) STATEMENT OF FAITH: The LIVE Participant agrees to uphold and represent the beliefs outlined in D2S Statement of Faith. All parties involved with D2S LIVE must not communicate regarding the event or to the event attendees in any manner that contradicts D2S Statement of Faith. The D2S Statement of Faith can be found at “The What We Believe” section of this webpage: https://www.dare2share.org/about/

By purchasing this license, I certify that I am authorized to represent the LIVE Participant church/organization, have read and agree in good faith to the above terms and conditions.

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