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Few things hold the power to paralyze our lives like fear—fear of heights, of spiders, of clowns, of evangelism.

In this four-week DVD curriculum, Greg Stier helps teenagers and youth leaders discover how to overcome their fears about sharing their faith and cultivate a passion for sharing the gospel.

This curriculum will transform teenagers’ evangelism experience from something intimidating and scary into something instinctive and rewarding.

Evangephobia will:

  • Challenge teens to face their evangelism fears head on through prayer and preparation.
  • Motivate them to discover their own particular evangelism “passion fuel.”
  • Help them learn how to share their own testimony in a personal and engaging way.Give teens a simple, practical strategy for sharing the message of the gospel with their friends in a clear and compelling way.
  • Explore and unleash the dynamic power of the gospel message to transform hearts and lives.

The Evangephobia curriculum includes:

4 DVD sessions

  • Week 1 — Facing Your Fears [05:45]: Student will learn that we all have fears when it comes to sharing the gospel with others. It’s okay to be afraid. We need to pray and ask the Spirit of God to help us face down our fears.
  • Week 2 — Fueling Your Passion [04:30]: Students will explore some of the different motivations for sharing their faith—for example, obedience to God, love for God, eternal realities, and compassion for the lost.
  • Week 3 — Sharing Your Story [06:00]: Students will learn how to share the “Before and After Factor” of their own faith story. What their life was like before Jesus, what it’s like after they’ve trusted in Jesus and the “Factor” that contributed to their coming to Christ.
  • Week 4 — Dunamis: Dynamite! [04:30]: The gospel message is like dynamite (dunamis). Like a grenade, it doesn’t matter who pulls the pin, whether it’s a 12 year old girl or a tough, buff football player, it carries its own explosive power to impact hearts and lives.

Support Files CD that includes

  • Four (4) Leader’s Discussion Guides that are simple and easy to follow in both PDF and editable Word formats.
  • Youth leader introductory video.
  • Printable post card invitations, e-cards, posters and layered files to help you customize your own promotional materials.
  • Promotional slides for your youth group meetings.

Supplemental Evangephobia student devotional also available!

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