Reach Out Don't Freak Out Student Devotional

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By Greg Stier

The Reach Out Don’t Freak Out 30-day student devotional and journal is designed to motivate and mobilize teens to reach out to their friends. Sharing Jesus’ message is the most important thing they’ll ever do, so learning how to reach out without freaking out only makes sense!

The devo gives teenagers daily inspiration and bite-size action points to help them develop an ongoing evangelism lifestyle that is relational and relentless.

Each devotional and journal entry provides daily motivation, tips, strategies, and practical exercises that will help students reach their friends. Teens will gain confidence and develop practical faith-sharing skills.

Each day the Reach Out student devo will provide:

  • A Bible verse
  • The Big Idea
  • A real life story to motivate and inspire
  • Practical “Going Deeper” faith-sharing insights and strategies
  • A hands-on call to action
  • An interactive journaling opportunity

This student devotional is sold separately from the Reach Out Don’t Freak Out DVD youth group curriculum. It is designed to complement and reinforce the content of the DVD series, but is also appropriate as a stand-alone student resource.

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