Shreddin' the Gnar


By Greg Stier and Zane Black

“Shreddin the gnar” is a term surfers use to describe just about any situation that is hard core. Attacking the biggest waves with an even bigger attitude. Charging it. No holding back. Going all out!!

During the filming of the spiritual reality series GOSPEL Journey® Maui, authors Zane Black (a.k.a. the Surfer) and Greg Stier (a.k.a. the Preacher Man) adapted the surfing term shreddin the gnar to describe going big, going all out, and doing whatever it takes to engage others in spiritual dialogue.

Your teens will listen in on Zane and Greg’s candid conversation as they discuss how to talk to people about God with love and respect. Shreddin the Gnar will challenge and equip them to dive into deep, radical spiritual conversations.

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