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Unshakeable 4 Week Curriculum with 25 Days of Student Devotional Handouts


David was a giant slayer, a mighty warrior and King, but he was also an adulterer, liar, murderer and a lousy husband and father. Still, God used him mightily and he was called a man after God’s own heart. Why?

Perhaps because David’s faith in God was unshakeable. Again and again, in the midst of both his joys and his troubles, David ran to God and leaned his life on Him.

Unshakeable explores four distinctive, UNSHAKEABLE threads in David’s life that give students practical insights on how to do life with God in a real, authentic way that brings joy—even in the tough times—and honors God in everything they do.

The four-week Unshakeable curriculum and companion student devotional handouts will:

* Propel students toward a growing, authentic, unshakeable faith.

* Challenge students to live out their own calling to slay giants, share God’s truth and impact their world.

* Teach students biblical principles from the life of David

* Motivate and equip students to talk about their faith with others who don’t know Jesus personally.

* Build healthy spiritual habits that take students deeper with God each day.

* Provide a daily practical application that challenges students to “be doers of the Word, and not hearers only.”

As the battle swirls around us, we can remain unshaken.

Your Unshakeable Curriculum Download Folder includes:

* Fully developed 4-week Leader’s Guide in both PDF and editable Word format with step-by-step directions, icebreaker activities, discussion questions, prayers, Scripture and gospel segues.

* 25 days of reproducible student devotional handouts

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