Youth Group 2 Go: One Creator God


Youth Group 2 Go lessons are single-session, topical studies. This turnkey lesson tackles the question: "Did God create everything, and why does it matter?"

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THEOLOGICAL QUESTION: Did God create everything, and why does it matter? 

 BIG IDEA: Our mighty, Triune God created everything in the universe, yet He desires an intimate, personal, loving relationship with each of us.

CATEGORY: Questions about God


 Youth Group 2 Go 

These single-session, downloadable youth group curricula are designed to be stand-alone topical studies you can easily grab and go with. Pick and choose the topics that address your group’s specific needs from one of the following four categories:

  • Questions about God
  • Questions about my relationship with God
  • Questions about God’s Word
  • Questions about sharing the Gospel

Each lesson’s practical application will encourage your students to be doers of the Word and not hearers only!

This resource can be used for: youth bible study, bible lessons for teens, youth devotional, bible study for teens or devotions for teens.


Click to Preview One Creator God!

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