GOSPEL Journey® Adventure


Seven Strangers, Six Days, One Unforgettable Journey

Take your teens on an expedition that will change their lives! GOSPEL Journey Adventure, follows seven teenagers on a six day wilderness adventure with Greg Stier. Amid the rugged Colorado mountains, Greg takes the participants on a deeper spiritual journey to Jesus using the GOSPEL story. This DVD-based curriculum uses the compelling power of story to explain the gospel message through word pictures and group activities. It will move hearts and souls and change lives. Each entertaining and engaging session contains real-world training based on real-world discussion.

The GOSPEL Journey® Adventure includes:

  • 8 DVD sessions (with plenty of extras)
  • Support Files CD that includes
    • A discussion-driven Leader’s Guide that is simple and easy to follow and uses the ALT-ernative teaching format (Ask-Listen-Teach)
    • GOSPEL Journey message cards to help your teens learn the key points of the GOSPEL story
    • Invitations to invite friends to come explore the GOSPEL story
    • Promotional slides for your youth group meeting

Your teens have been waiting for something new, something fresh, something revolutionary. This curriculum gives them the larger story of the GOSPEL and shows them how relevant it is to their lives.

Don’t hesitate. Take the journey today. Their souls may depend on it.

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