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Catalytic questions, raw discussions, unexpected twists, all in the island setting of Maui. This unscripted reality series captures seven young strangers from diverse worldviews wrestling through some of the greatest questions of life. Each day, a new question was introduced by “the Preacher Man,” Greg Stier, triggering intense spiritual dialogue and a tidal wave of emotions.

Join the cast on their journey to discover the truth in this 9-week DVD-based curriculum kit for youth groups.

The 9 episodes address the following spiritual questions:

  1. Is there a higher power?
  2. What is the purpose of life? Part 1
  3. What is the purpose of life? Part 2
  4. Why are there so many religions and can they all be right?
  5. Is it religion or relationship?
  6. Why do bad things happen?
  7. What happens after we die?
  8. Who is Jesus?
  9. What is Jesus' message?

The GOSPEL Journey® Maui Kit includes:

  • 9 DVD Sessions (plus bonus features)
  • Fully developed curricula (in both PDF and editable Word formats)
  • One sample 40 page student book, additional student books sold separately
  • Printable Promotional Materials
    • Invitations
    • Parent letters
    • Posters and more

The GOSPEL Journey Maui student workbook is an essential component of Dare 2 Share’s GOSPEL Journey Maui DVD curriculum. This 40-page, full-color, student resource is packed with interactive activities that challenges students to engage personally with the experiences they see unfolding on the screen during this raw, relevant reality series. They’ll move from spectators to active participants in this exciting journey that explores some of the biggest questions of life. 

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