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The Spice of the Gospel

GOSPELIZE YOUR TEAM...A Full Year of Ministry Leader Training


Featuring Greg Stier

Let the spicy zest of the gospel infuse a real kick in your youth ministry!

Gospel advancement was at the heart of discipleship for the early believers, and the book of Acts gives us a vibrant picture of how God wants to use each of us to advance His kingdom—including your students. We have the same message and the same Holy Spirit. Why shouldn’t we see the same impact?

In Gospelize Your Team, Dare 2 Share’s Greg Stier dishes up 12 episodes of video training that will mobilize your Leadership Team for transformational Gospel Advancing Youth Ministry.

Designed to work in tandem with the book Gospelize Your Youth Ministry, this spicy series unpacks 12 strategic action steps that will equip your Adult Leadership Team for dynamic Kingdom impact. To gospelize your team in a year, watch one episode per month with your adult leaders and discuss the corresponding chapter of the book.

Discover how to infuse the spice of the gospel into your youth ministry and experience the joy, excitement and transformation Jesus promised. Once you get a taste, nothing else will satisfy!

The Gospelize Your Team leader training pack includes:

  • DVD with twelve 10-15 minute video episodes
  • 6 copies of Gospelize Your Youth Ministry (One for you, five to pass out to your Adult Leaders!)
  • Gospelize Poster
  • Gospelize Hot Sauce (Currently back-ordered. Will be replaced with a similar product).

Additional copies of the book Gospelize Your Youth Ministry are sold separately.


Keep the spicy kick of the gospel front and center with this powerful visual depiction of the seven values of Gospel Advancing Ministry. This 36” x 24” poster is an ever-present reminder of Jesus’ call to make disciples who make disciples by advancing the gospel in and through your students.
For those who want to avoid shipping charges and poster fold marks, a printable, downloadable PDF of the poster artwork can be purchased here.

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