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By Zane Black

“You and I have got one life to live. We’ve got one shot at this thing. I don’t know about you, but I want to experience it to the fullest.”

Zane Black has always lived life on the edge, looking for all the crazy excitement and adventure life has to offer. He just ended up “going all in” for the wrong things. And it almost cost him his life. But after years of living for cheap thrills and temporary highs, Zane experienced a radical encounter with Jesus that changed his life forever.

Told in his raw, honest, conversational style, InZane...Totally Stoked on this Jesus Dude captures Zane’s journey from a party boy to a committed Christian. His story will keep teenagers turning the page, all the while challenging them to put Jesus at the center of their lives.

Check out Zane’s companion product, Get Stoked, designed for those who don’t know Christ.

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