Youth Group 2 Go: The Reality of Heaven and Hell


Youth Group 2 Go lessons are single-session, topical studies. This turnkey lesson dives into the question: "Are Heaven and Hell real, and what are they like?"

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THEOLOGICAL QUESTION: Is there a real Heaven and Hell, and what are they like?

BIG IDEA: Scripture teaches that those who place their trust in Jesus will spend eternity in Heaven. Rejection of God’s free gift of salvation through Christ results in eternal separation from Him in Hell.

CATEGORY: Questions about God’s Word


Youth Group 2 Go 

These single-session, downloadable youth group curricula are designed to be stand-alone topical studies you can easily grab and go with. Pick and choose the topics that address your group’s specific needs from one of the following four categories:

  • Questions about God
  • Questions about my relationship with God
  • Questions about God’s Word
  • Questions about sharing the Gospel

Each lesson’s practical application will encourage your students to be doers of the Word and not hearers only!

This resource can be used for: youth bible study, bible lessons for teens, youth devotional, bible study for teens or devotions for teens.


Click to Preview The Reality of Heaven and Hell!

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